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Easy to understand information on lots of financial topics! Learning, even about banking, doesn't have to be boring!

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Engaging financial education. Not possible you say? We beg to differ. 

These FUNancial materials are designed for teens and young adults, but are pretty good for everyone else too. You’ll meet Jen, and her cast of friends, animals, and inanimate objects, all of which happen to know a lot about personal finance. Learn what a credit score is, about buying a car, protecting your identity, preparing for emergency expenses, how to ace a job interview and more!  

Each topic has a quick 3 min (approximately) video, a flashy infographic, and informative one page handout.

If you’re interested in articles or presentations for a group, please let us know! We are happy to share these FREE resources with you.

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Choosing Your Financial Institution Graphic

1. Choosing Your Financial Institution

Credit Score Breakdown Graphic

2. Credit Score Breakdown

Foiling Identity Theft Graphic

3. Foiling Identity theft

Boosting Your Credit Score Graphic

4. Boosting Your Credit Score

Budgeting Basics Graphic

5. Budgeting Basics

Compound Interest Graphic

6. Compound Interest

Co-Operative Principles Graphic

7. Co-operative Principles

Comparing Cards Graphic

8. Comparing Cards

Emergency Funds Graphic

9. Emergency Funds

Leasing vs. Buying Graphic

10. Leasing vs. Buying

Living On Your Own Graphic

11. Living On Your Own

Common Money Beliefs Graphic

12. Common Money Beliefs

Loan Basics Graphic

13. Loan Basics

Investment Vehicles Graphic

14. Investment Vehicles

Checking Account Graphic

15. Checking Account

Predatory Lending Graphic

16. Predatory Lending

Understanding Inflation Graphic

17. Understanding Inflation

Intro to Insurance Graphic

18. Intro to Insurance

Save on Groceries Graphic

19. Save on Groceries

Demystifying Mortgages Graphic

20. Demystifying Mortgages

Organizing Your Finances Graphic

21. Organizing Your Finances

Rule of 72 Graphic

22. Rule of 72

Earning Money Online Graphic

23. Earning Money Online

Good vs. Bad Spending Graphic

24. Good vs. Bad Spending

Income Essentials Graphic

25. Income Essentials

Saving for Retirement Graphic

29. Saving for Retirement

After graduation -- work or college? graphic

33. After Grad — Work or College?

Student Loans 101 Graphic

26. Student Loans 101

Acing the Job Interview Graphic

30. Acing the Job Interview

Growing your money locally graphic

34. Growing Your Money Locally

Stock Market Trends Graphic

27. Stock Market Trends

How to spot scams graphic

31. How to Spot Scams

Using your credit card graphic

35. Using Your Credit Card

Buying A Used Car Graphic

28. Buying A Used Car

Let's talk taxes graphic

32. Let’s Talk Taxes

Pay Yourself First Graphic

36. Pay Yourself First

Strategies for Debt Repayment Graphic

37. Strategies for Debt Repayment

How to Save on Tuition Graphic

38. How to Save on Tuition

Owning vs. Renting a Home Graphic

39. Owning vs. Renting a Home