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Auto Loans, Home Loans, Personal Loans, and more IN ROANOKE, VA | LYNCHBURG, VA | SALEM, VA | VINTON, VA | BOTETOURT, VA | BEDFORD, VA AND BEYOND...

We believe that the American dream was made to come true, so dream big! A home for your family, a car to transport your children or get to work safely and on time, make a plan to pay off all that credit card debt, consolidate debts into one easy-to-manage payment...whatever it is, we’d love to help make your dreams a reality. Blue Eagle Credit Union has lots of flexible lending options.

car Loans

Whether you are looking to upgrade the family van, find a reliable car, upgrade your current ride, or shoot for the moon with your dream car...we are prepared to offer you amazing rates and outstanding, personalized service.

Home Loans

Finding a place to land can be complicated, but getting a home loan shouldn’t be. Finding the right home loan to fit your needs is one of the most vital steps. Let us help! Plus, we offer low rates and exceptional service.

Personal Loans

Sometimes our members need a loan to consolidate bills, cover medical expenses, complete urgent home improvement projects, or even take a much needed vacation or getaway. We have seasonal and year-round personal loans for you.

Other Loans

Looking for a different kind of loan? We've got you covered! Whether your're looking for extra cash, credit cards, fun loans, or debt consolidation loans to simplify your payments, we're sure to have something that fits your needs!


Free Credit Review

Can Blue Eagle Credit Union save you money on your existing loans? Let us find out! All you have to do is fill out our Free Credit Review form and we'll do the rest! We'll tell you if we can save you money, but even if we can't, we'll tell you that, too! 

loan protection

Our loan protection plans offer you the peace of mind to know you are financially secure should tragedy or illness strike – all for the cost of pennies per day. Protection can be conveniently included in your monthly payment.

Skip Pay Application

Whether you're looking to have a little extra spending money or your budget is just a little tight this month, we like to provide you with options. That's why we offer skip pay applications! Skip your loan payment this month to give you the flexibility you need!

Loan Rates

Avoid the stress of loan shopping with Blue Eagle! We offer competitive rates for almost any need! From your car and home to quick cash or a line of credit, we have flexible loan options that are sure to suit your needs!  

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