Direct Deposit: Convenient, fast, and secure.

Direct Deposit in Roanoke, VA | Lynchburg, VA | Salem, VA | Vinton, VA | Botetourt, VA | Bedford, VA and beyond...

Here's how to set up direct deposit:

You must initiate direct deposit at your payroll office. Some payroll offices will allow the direct deposit of part of your pay (payroll deduction). While others require that all of your pay be direct deposited (net pay). If you are a USPS employee and have payroll deduction, any changes will have to be made through Postal EASE. Your payroll office will need the following information to set up your direct deposit:

  • Credit Union name (Blue Eagle Credit Union)

  • Routing and Transit number (251482891)

  • Your account number (including the check digit)

  • Account type your pay is to be deposited to (savings or checking)

Once your pay is received at Blue Eagle Credit Union it is deposited into the account you have indicated. If you desire, the money may then be distributed by Blue Eagle Credit Union into different account types like a loan payment or even to other accounts. For further assistance, contact us by phone, e-mail or stop in the office.

Here's an example of how to find your account number, check digit, and our routing number on your Blue Eagle Credit Union check:

Blue Eagle Credit Union Check