Savings for every stage of life.

Savings Accounts at your friendly neighborhood credit union in the Roanoke, VA and Lynchburg, VA areas


Traditional Savings

Grow your money the traditional way, with people you know and trust. Blue Eagle Credit Union offers savings accounts for every stage of life. We offer savings programs for kids, as well as products to meet the needs of our more mature members! Whether it’s your first bike, first home, or retirement – we want to make saving for our members easy. Having a primary savings account provides a firm financial foundation.

Our traditional savings accounts offer:

  • Safety and security

  • Access to your money whenever you need it

  • Top-of-the-market rates, consistently and often the highest in the market

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Money Market Savings

Keep your money liquid in an account that yields higher dividends. Just another way to earn more with Blue Eagle Credit Union! You can open a Money Market Account with any amount. Once you have saved $100, you begin earning dividends. When you reach $10,000 in your Money Market Account, you’ll begin earning a higher dividend rate. Our Money Market Savings Account is tiered, so the more you save, the more you earn!

Our Money Market Saving accounts offer:

  • Flexibility

  • Safety and security

  • Higher return

  • Access to your money when you need it without penalty

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Christmas Club

Take the stress (at least financially) out of your holidays with a Christmas Club account designed to boost your savings for holiday expenses. Many members choose to save throughout the year by payroll deduction, making it even easier to save big!

Christmas Club funds are transferred on the first business day of October to your savings account, depending on what you have designated. Withdrawals throughout the year are restricted, as this account is designed to help members save specifically for holiday spending. Members may make deposits at any time throughout the year and earn dividends on funds in the account.

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Secondary Savings or club Accounts

Store your fun money within a secondary savings account (sometimes called a club account). Name your reason for saving - it could be a necessity like taxes, or something more fun like a car or vacation! This account provides the flexibility you need and the ease of saving you desire. Here’s how some of our members are using this account:

  • Vacation

  • New (to you) car

  • Taxes

  • Special occasion

  • Back to school shopping

The sky is the limit! Payroll deductions into your club account make it even easier to save so you reach your goal faster. Access your money any time. Club accounts also earn a dividend.