Putting dollars back in teachers' pockets... one grant at a time.


Blue Eagle Credit Union Backpack Overflowing with School Supplies

Here at Blue Eagle Credit Union, education is one of our core values. Research has proven that teachers, on average, spend about $500 out of their own pockets to create positive learning experiences for their students. We want to help ease some of that financial burden! In 2016, we introduced our annual Teacher Grant, which is fully funded by employees of  Blue Eagle Credit Union. This grant helps teachers of grades K-12 to fund new and innovative programs for students. It’s just one example of how our Blue Eagle® Credit Union family lives the credit union philosophy of people helping people.

Interested in applying? Want to learn more information? All the details are in our Teacher Grant Guidelines & Application. Or don't hesitate to email us at TeacherGrant@BlueEagleCreditUnion.com, stop by one of our offices, or call 800.342.3429.

Applications must be submitted via email to TeacherGrant@BlueEagleCreditUnion.com by the close of business on Friday, October 20th.

Congratulations to our 2016 recipients!

Students Using Alternative seating, Funded by Blue Eagle Credit Union

Alternative Seating - Crystal Spring Elementary

In 2016, Mrs. Hendrickson's special education classroom was awarded Blue Eagle Credit Union's Teacher Grant to fund alternative seating in the classroom. Because of a child's natural urge to fidget, research has proven that movement in a learning environment helps children to concentrate during complicated mental processing. While the students in Mrs. Hendrickson's special needs class are allowed to stand up, walk around, and move around the classroom, students' attention is being drawn away from the focus of their study as they move about. This grant funded the new idea of yoga balls and peddler bikes as a means of alternative seating, allowing students to fidget in place as they remain at a desk and concentrate on their work.

LEGO Wall - New London Academy

In a time where standardized tests are the norm, personalized learning offers a different perspective on education-a student centered one. Implementing personalized learning, one of my school’s goals, requires instruction that offers learning environments to meet the individual needs of our students.
— Kathryn Howe, New London Academy Teacher

Mrs. Howe's Library was awarded Blue Eagle Credit Union's Teacher Grant in 2016 to create a creative and inventive space where students of all ages can gather to communicate and learn through STEM based learning. This grant funded a LEGO wall with coordinating task cards where students create stories, design buildings, build fractions, marble drops, and much more. Within each task card, students are presented with an engineering problem where they go through the design process to solve the task on the Lego Wall. Following the completion of the task, students are assessed based on their reflection and understanding of specific STEM curriculum. This project teaches students concepts such as trial and error, problem-solving skills, organization, planning by construction, thinking in three dimensions, motor development, and improves literacy by working with instructions. 

Roanoke Catholic Students Showing Off Their Larger than Life Project

Larger Than Life - Roanoke Catholic

Together, Mrs. Schlesser and Mrs. Spencer worked with their 7th grade students to bring literature alive through art. As a recipient of the 2016 teacher grant, these students brought key symbols in the books: "Harry Potter, "To Kill a Mockingbird, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," "The Outsiders," and "The Giver" to life through life-sized sculptures. This project allowed students to integrate the material learned in both their art and english classes by using literary analysis as the basis for designing and building all five sculptures.

It would be impossible to list all of the benefits of reading. As a middle school teacher, I can share what I believe are the most important benefits. A good reader is a good writer. Reading teaches grammar skills and communication. Reading is also a fundamental skill to succeed in school and in life.
— Catey Moretz, Read Mountain Middle School Teacher

Free Little Library - Read Mountain Middle

With the help of technology classes, Mrs. Moretz's 6th grade students used the 2016 teacher grant to create a "take a book, return a book" mailbox for students, English learning students, and the community to enjoy. This project encourages the idea of the "Pay it Forward" movement because while participants are able to keep a book, they are also encouraged to replace it with a book in which they are no longer reading. This was a collaborative effort, where students used their skills in creativity, design, literature, and communications to design and build the mailbox itself, decide what content would be placed in the library initially, and create effective marketing and public relations communications to tell the community about the new opportunity. 

Read With Me! - Huddleston Elementary

Mrs. Mistretta's 4th grade class was awarded a teacher grant in 2016 to purchase new books. With the help of this grant and Scholastic Book Clubs, the number of books purchased will continue to grow exponentially, while simultaneously broadening the learning potential of students for decades to come. 

Check out how Mrs. Mistretta put her Teacher Grant to use with the Little Free Library!