Putting dollars back in teachers' pockets... one grant at a time.


Blue Eagle Credit Union Backpack Overflowing with School Supplies

Here at Blue Eagle Credit Union, education is one of our core values. Research has proven that teachers, on average, spend about $500 out of their own pockets to create positive learning experiences for their students. We want to help ease some of that financial burden! In 2016, we introduced our annual Teacher Grant, which is fully funded by employees of  Blue Eagle Credit Union. This grant helps teachers of grades K-12 to fund new and innovative programs for students. Itโ€™s just one example of how our Blue Eagle Credit Union family lives our core value of education.

Interested in applying? Want to learn more information? All the details are in our Teacher Grant Guidelines & Application. Or don't hesitate to email us at TeacherGrant@BlueEagleCreditUnion.com, stop by one of our offices, or call 800.342.3429.

Teachers may apply in October of each year. Applications must be submitted via email to TeacherGrant@BlueEagleCreditUnion.com.

Congratulations to our 2017 recipients!

Bedford Hills Elementary Check Presentation

bedford hills elementary school

Building Social Skills and Social Behaviors โ€“ Teacher: Adrian Holmes

Funds will be used to purchase books and resources related to building social skills and behaviors with special education students. The number of students impacted this year will be 75, however, the resources will benefit numerous students over the coming years.

Buchanan Elementary Check Presentation

Buchanan Elementary School

Chilling Out with Steam โ€“ Teacher: Cassada Harris

This project provides a creative area to experiment within electrical and engineering boxes. The project benefits 44 students this year, but many more students will be impacted in the coming years.

Buchanan Elementary Check Presentation

Eagle Rock Elementary School

School Garden โ€“ Teacher: Melissa McKinney

This project will fund the purchase of wheelbarrows, hoses, hose reels, sets of hand tillers/trowels, and gardening gloves for student use. Students will then have the opportunity for hands on learning of the life cycle, habitats, and pollination.  The number of students impacted will be 150 this year with many more in the coming years.

Fallon Park Elementary Check Presentation

Fallon Park Elementary School

Bilingual Literature Celebration- Teacher: Ann McGhee

This project will provide bilingual books (Spanish/English) for English learning families in Pre-K through 5th grade. The project will benefit 150 students.

Green Valley Elementary Check Presentation

Green Valley Elementary school

Reading Comprehension through the use of Mentor Text โ€“ Teacher: Robyn Shrewsbury

Mentor Text adds sounds and an interactive experience for higher engagement levels as students read. The number of students impacted will be 505 this year with many more in the coming years.

Read Mountain Middle Check Presentation

Read Mountain Middle school

Cutting Upโ€“ Teacher: Sally Rondeau

Funds will provide science teachers at Read Mountain Middle School with new dissection equipment for students to use in the classroom. This will benefit 213 students this year, as well as numerous students in the future.