Blue Eagle Credit Union has creative lending solutions made just for you. Really.

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eagle express

Need a little extra cash for vacation, holidays, or just other expenses at the blink of an eye? Abra Kadabra! Check out our Eagle Express loan – it’s a quick $1,000 loan with no credit check for qualifying members.

Debt Consolidation

Are you being held back by debt? Consolidate payments into one easy-to-manage, low-interest loan so you can get out of debt faster! Ask one of our lending experts how you can say goodbye to your high loan payments!

fun loan

We think adulting can be both responsible and fun. Whether you're hitting the trails at your favorite campsite, cruising your way to your dream tropical vacation, or taking a food tour though Paris, we're here to help you finance your fun!

Fast Cash

Find yourself with an unexpected expense this month, but know that payday lenders or title loans are not the way to go? This small dollar loan offers quick and easy cash at an affordable rate.


Credit Cards

Whether you are going about a normal day or heading out on vacation, we want your summer plans to take flight! A Blue eagle Credit Union credit card gives you affordability, convenience, and peace of mind!

Savings Secured

You may already qualify for one of the best loan rates we have. By using the money in your savings account as collateral for the loan, you receive a reduced loan rate with very flexible terms.

Jump Start 

You need a loan, but would like to grow your savings too?  We've created this loan just for you! You can accomplish both with your jump start loan payment. Get what you need today, and save for the future too.


Looking to purchase land to build your dream home one day? We offer fixed rate financing for up to 10 years for lot purchases and will loan up to 80% of the land's appraised or tax assessed value.