Low cost, short-term loans for almost any occassion

Fast Cash Loans at your friendly neighborhood credit union in the Roanoke, VA and Lynchburg, VA areas

Man throwing cash in the air

This low cost short-term loan offers extra cash for unexpected financial situations. It is a quick, easy, no credit check loan for qualifying members. This loan is designed to meet an immediate financial need and often used in lieu of, or to help transition members into, more traditional loan products.


  • Quick, easy application

  • No credit check

  • $250 or $500 deposited to your account

  • Affordable rate of 18% APR (annual percentage rate)

  • 1 month to repay the loan

  • Free Financial counseling


  • Meet our qualifying criteria, including:
    • Being a member, for at least two months, in good standing
    • Having direct deposit of at least $700 monthly

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