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Fee Free Accounts at your friendly neighborhood credit union in the Roanoke, VA and Lynchburg, VA Areas...

Whether you're just starting out or you're looking to spread your wings, we have accounts to suit almost any age and need! Our accounts are rich with benefits, require no monthly or yearly fees, and best of all, designed with you in mind! So, take a look at your options below! Opening an account is quick, easy, and rewarding! So why wait?! Get started now!

Free Checking Accounts

Why pay fees on your own money? Don't get caught up with pesky fees that limit your budget. At Blue Eagle, we provide more than just fee free ATMs. Not only are our checking accounts are feature rich, but the best part about our accounts is that there are entirely FREE

Savings Accounts

Whether you are looking to save money for Christmas, that vacation you've been dreaming of, or even set aside money for the unknown, Blue Eagle wants to help you grow your money. We offer savings programs for kids, young adults, the retired, and everyone in between!

Credit Cards

Whether you're looking to get away, hit a night on the town, or simply go to the grocery store, we know the perfect companion to accompany you! Find piece of mind no matter where you may land with the flexibility and convenience of a Blue Eagle credit card!


Have you mapped out your financial future? There's no better time than the present to get started! We offer a variety of Individual Retirement Accounts, competitive Certificate rates, and even in-house Wealth Management Advisors! 


Open an Account

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Deposit Rates

Earn a return on your funds with Blue Eagle! We offer competitive rates and account options for almost every need! The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll start earning. So quit wasting time! Check out our rates, then get your account started today!