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You’ve found the perfect person, you got the perfect ring, and now you’re planning the perfect day… and you’re probably realizing that weddings come with a big price tag! According to, the average wedding cost in the 24018 (Roanoke, VA) zip code is around $30,590. Yes, you read that right — over thirty-thousand dollars.

Every detail adds up— the dress, the jewelry, the cake, the food, the DJ, the venue, the decorations, the photographer, you name it! For each individual guest you invite, you could be adding between $219 and $267 to the total cost of the wedding. Couples who have fewer than 25 guests typically spend about 59% less than the average, while couples with more than 300 guests will spend 3.4 times the average — ouch!

We may not be your wedding planner, but we can help with your wedding finances. We have a team of expert Member Advisors who are dedicated to helping you bring the wedding of your dreams to life by finding a custom solution to help you pay for your special day. So don’t stress! Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you to talk about your options!

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Looking beyond the wedding, here are some things To consider:


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