Giving back to the community... one teacher at a time.


Congratulations to our 2016 recipients!

Books Purchased with Blue Eagle Teacher Grant


Read with Me! – Teacher: Brittany Mistretta

“Read With Me!” is a project based around Mrs. Mistretta's fourth grade students and their abilities to share great book discussions around the reading table. In conjunction with Scholastic Book Clubs, the funds were used to purchase new books in 2016, as well as earn reward incentives to be used in the years following. Through Scholastic Book Clubs' program, the number of books to be purchased with this grant is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come. This helps to not only expand the wealth of knowledge in the library, but also advance students' learning potential by introducing new ideas and broadening horizons.

In a time where standardized tests are the norm, personalized learning offers a different perspective on education-a student centered one. Implementing personalized learning, one of my school’s goals, requires instruction that offers learning environments to meet the individual needs of our students.
— Kathryn Howe, Teacher


LEGO Wall – Teacher: Kathryn Howe

Funds were used to create a positive and interactive Makerspace in the library, where students can gather to create, invent, communicate, and learn. This grant funded the construction of a LEGO wall that was used by the entire student body. The goal of this project was to provide a variety of STEM based learning activities through hands-on building of task cards. These task cards encourage students to think through complex engineering problems, which helps to develop problem-solving skills, organization, planning by construction, creativity, improve literacy as they work with instructions, an opportunity to think in three dimensions, and boost their motor development. 

Crystal Spring Students Using Alternative Seating

Crystal Spring Elementary School

Active Learning Classrooms – Teacher: Kathleen Hendrickson

Research by the National Education Association has proven that children need to move to focus during complicated mental tasks, yet the impact can be even greater for those students who have additional challenges in learning. For special education students, movement supports and bolsters the learning environment, allowing them to excel in the classroom. In order to induce movement in the classroom, Mrs. Hendrickson used this grant to provide alternative seating in her special needs classroom. Students were encouraged to sit on yoga balls and peddler bikes, rather than traditional chairs to enhance concentration and retention. 

It would be impossible to list all of the benefits of reading. As a middle school teacher, I can share what I believe are the most important benefits. A good reader is a good writer. Reading teaches grammar skills and communication. Reading is also a fundamental skill to succeed in school and in life.
— Catey Moretz, teacher

Read Mountain Middle School

Little Free Library – Teacher: Catey Moretz

The idea behind this project is "take a book, return a book." The funds were used to build two mailbox-like structures out in the community for students to enjoy, one in front of the school, and another for the English Language Learner population in Hollins Mobile Home Park. This project encompassed students' creative elements, budgetary skills, communication skills, and planning skills to design and create the libraries and promotional materials, budget the library materials and books to buy, and plan a board meeting where students then communicated the plan to the school board and  participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Roanoke Catholic Students Present the Finished Project

Roanoke Catholic School

Larger than Life – Teacher: Catherine Schlesser

The goal of this project was to combine elements of both English and Art. Students created life sized sculptures of the most important themes and symbols of the books that students read throughout the year, including "The Giver," "To Kill a Mockingbird," "Adventures of Tom Sawyer," "The Outsiders," and "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." The sculptures were displayed around the school for other students to see, and when the project was completed, students and staff invited Blue Eagle employees back to see the final product and discuss what they learned.  

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