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See banking differently! You'll see some familiar faces in a whole new way at our ATM machines. Eagle Vision is advanced technology that allows you to do face-to-face transactions with our Teller Service Center (TSC) Representatives right at the ATM.

Kristy, Scott, and Joe are in our Teller Service Center ready to serve you! You've likely seen them all in our offices from time to time. They're some of our veteran employees and some of your favorites (and ours too)! They're excited to be a part of serving you in this new way! Try Eagle Vision today at any of our ATMs!

Check out this cool video to see how it works!!

15 days of 50s Rule & Guidelines

  • We will give away $50 to one random person using Eagle Vision every Monday through Friday Jan 10 – Jan 31, 2017.
  • A random number will be generated each day during the promotion period and designated as that day’s winning number (person). For example, on Day One if the number randomly generated is 15, then the 15th person to use Eagle Vision will receive an extra $50 with their transaction.
  • We will announce the winning number daily on social media during the promotion period.
  • This is a promotion for Eagle Vision only. ATM transactions are not eligible.
  • Winners will be notified during the transaction and receive their $50 immediately through Eagle Vision.
  • The alternative method of entry, for anyone wanting to enter the contest without performing a transaction through Eagle Vision, is for the person to use Eagle Vision to provide their name and contact information in order to be entered.
  • Since we are randomly selecting a winner, a person may win multiple times within the promotional period given they have met the criteria detailed within these guidelines
  • Only one entry per person per day. Multiple uses of Eagle Vision by the same person within any given business day does not increase chances of that person to win.

Get answers to some of your Eagle Vision questions with our Frequently Asked Questions sheet!

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