We're looking for ways to save you money...no strings attached.

Saving you money at your friendly neighborhood credit union in the roanoke, va and lynchburg, va areas…

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Blue Eagle Credit Union will review the existing loans of members AND non-members, all for FREE. And we know what you may be thinking..."Is this just some gimmick where I get pressured into switching over to you guys?" That's not the goal here. 

Our free credit review gives you the confidence that you're getting the best deal on the loans you already have, whether they're with Blue Eagle Credit Union or somewhere else.. We'll take a quick look at your current loans to see if we can save you money. We'll give you an honest evaluation. If we can save you money, great! And if we can't save you money, we'll tell you that you already have a great deal!

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, Blue Eagle Credit Union doesn't have a small group of stockholders because every member is an owner. Taking care of our members is our sole purpose...the only reason we exist. So we're always going to shoot straight with our members and potential members and work toward solutions that help you achieve your financial goals. Whether your goal is to lower your monthly payments, pay off your debts sooner, or boost your credit score, our loan specialists can also offer you some no-pressure, practical suggestions.