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In the market for a new home? We have a few tips that may be helpful! The home loan process can be complex, but let us worry about that - we want you to focus on finding your dream home!

Did you recently get a tax refund or significant sum of money?

You may be wondering: What should I do with this extra cash? If your plans include becoming a homeowner, you’ll want to consider if it’s better to pay down debt or save for a down payment. Here are a couple scenarios:

Example 1 You are establishing or re-establishing credit.
You don’t necessarily want to pay off that loan that is helping you build good credit. The better option may be saving it for a down payment.

Example 2 You’re considering an FHA loan and it requires a 3.5% of the purchase price.
For a $125,000 home, that equals $4,375, let’s use your cash (tax refund/gift) for your down payment!

Example 3 You have a high credit card balance.
If this may be the only time you’ll be able to pay off that debt, you should. Let’s pay down that debt and get you positioned to buy your dream home.

We realize your situation is unique to YOU. The best option is to give us a call, email, or stop by. We’ll walk through your personal situation and help you decide which direction is best for YOU. 

I need to finance 100%, I don’t have a down payment.

We have several solutions for assisting members who need to finance 100% and/or need help with down payments.
Example: You have some money saved, but it may not be enough to cover down payment AND closing costs.
We have access to grants funds that could help if you qualify. These funds can help with down payment and closing costs. You may qualify for a 4-to-1 match program.

I’m not sure what type of home loan I need…

With so many options and guidelines, it can be overwhelming to find the right loan option. That’s where financial experts, like us, come in! We will talk with you about your dream home, your financial situation, and the best solutions. Here are a few types of loans we offer:

  • Conventional (i.e. fixed rate 30-year term)
  • VA (typically no down payment required which is a huge benefit of this loan)
  • FHA (one of the easiest mortgage loans to qualify for with only 3.5% required down payment and you can have less than perfect credit)
  • USDA (can finance 100%, offers more favorable qualifying criteria, and options for those with less than perfect credit or no formal credit history)

We've put together a checklist to help you gather the necessary documents in order to expedite the loan process and get you in your home quicker! However, remember we're here to help. We'll walk you through the entire process. View the Home Loan Checklist.

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