Debt Consolidation

Ask a lending specialist how you can say goodbye to your high loan payments! A debt consolidation loan generally can help you pay off your debt quicker and save you money by simplifying your payments into one monthly deduction.  We’ll help you determine the best solution for your personal situation, and show you how you may be able to start saving today!

Here’s an example of how debt consolidation works:

DebtAmount OwedMonthly PaymentInterest Rate (APR)Monthly Interest Paid
Credit Card $3,500 $95.63 13.99% $40.80
Personal Loan $4,200 $139.24 24.99% $87.47
2nd Credit Card $2,100 $53.25 9.99% $17.48
With a Blue Eagle Credit Union consolidation loan:
Amount Owed $9,800
Monthly Payment $254
Interest Rate 7.99% APR
Monthly Interest $65.25
Total Saved in 48 Months

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*Eligibility and qualification requirements, as well as our approval process, apply. Illustration shown assumes loan of $9,800 for term of 48 months at 7.99% Annual Percentage Rate which results in a monthly payment of $254 and savings of $1,637.76 when compared to examples shown and interest paid over same term of 48 months. Monthly payment and savings will vary dependent on amount borrowed, term, and qualifying rate.

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