We finance responsible fun! No reason to chicken out!

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Just because you are being smart and financially responsible doesn't mean you can't have fun! We want to make your daydreams a reality. Maybe you'd like to buy that new sports car, take an extended trip across the country, enjoy a lake day, or even go for a ride in the great outdoors! We could help you do that, and in fact, we love helping our members do that kind of thing!

Blue Eagle Credit Union offers affordable loans for your toys, based on what fits your budget. Whatever gets your blood pumping, we'd like to help your money work hard so you can play even harder.

Car loans

Looking for new wheels and new adventures? Blue Eagle Credit Union offers car loans with buying power and custom solutions to give you confidence while you shop! Plus, see if we could help simplify your search with Enterprise Car Sales! View the cars we have for sale at our offices, Enterprise exclusive inventory, and more!

Fun Loans

Looking for some big kid toys? See if we could finance your adrenaline rush, so you can let the fun begin today!
• RV's and Campers
• Boats & Jet skis
• ATVs
• Motorcycles
• And more!

Already bought?

See if we could put some cash back in your pocket with a Free Credit Review! We'll take an honest look at your current loans to see if we could save you money on your payments each month. If we can save you money, great! If not, we'll tell you that you already have a good deal. No catches or gimmicks; just people helping people!