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All about your friendly neighborhood credit union in the roanoke, VA and Lynchburg, VA areas...

Did you know credit unions have been around since the mid-1800s? That's a long history of people helping people, which is the shared credit union philosophy. While Blue Eagle Credit Union hasn't been around quite that long, we have been serving the greater Roanoke and Lynchburg areas since 1948.

A group of USPS employees chartered our credit union to give Postal employees and their families a place do business with affordable rates, and with people they knew and trusted. For more than 60 years, we were a single-sponsor credit union, serving only the USPS employees and their families throughout southwest VA. 

In 2013, our credit union became a state chartered community credit union, and we changed our name from Roanoke Postal Employees' Federal Credit Union to Blue Eagle Credit Union.

Why Blue Eagle Credit Union you ask? The eagle displays strength and a sense of reaching new heights. Eagles have keen vision and soar like no other, even rising above storm clouds. The color blue depicts strength, loyalty, stability, and trust-worthiness. Both the eagle and the color blue provide a link to our USPS history and legacy. We won't forget where we came from as we journey to where we're going.

The road ahead is filled with new adventures, opportunity, and growth. If you're in our community, join us on the path to fun and success!


Not only is Blue Eagle Credit Union committed to helping our community gain their financial footing, but we also strive to live up to our core values by making banking fun! Our goal is to live out our vision, mission, and values by helping you build, grow, and understand your finances. Pay less, earn more, and have fun doing it- that's our motto! 

who we are

Are you looking to put a face to a name from that phone call earlier? Or maybe you just can't remember your favorite Member Advisor's name? You've come to the right place! Here, you can find the names and faces of all of our staff members, just in case you forget who you need to talk to! The list is long, but that just means that we are growing to better serve you!

2018 Annual Meeting

Calling all Blue Eagle Credit Union members! Save the date for food, fun, games, giveaways, prizes, scholarship awards, and so much more for the whole family! Come see us at the Vinton War Memorial on Sunday, September 9th at noon! You bring your appetite and the family; we'll bring the photobooth, the lunch, the prizes, and the fun! This is an event that you won't want to miss!


Your security is our top priority! We have implemented several security checks to protect you and your money. So, don't be surprised if we ask for your ID, if you have to take several steps to log into MyCU, or even if we randomly ask you to verify your account. We're just making sure that you are who you say you are, and more importantly, that your money remains safely in your own hands.


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So you're ready to get started on your new account, huh? The process is quick, easy, and pain free! Just click the button below, fill out the form on the bottom of the page, and stay tuned for a phone call or email from us to finish up the process! It's that easy! Why wait?


We might be slightly biased, but we think that Blue Eagle is the best place in town! Because of our awesome members, we are constantly growing. That's where you come into play! Stay in-the-know on the latest job openings so that you don't miss your opportunity to be a part of an amazing team!


So you need to get a hold of us? Good news! We have a wide variety of avenues you can take to get a hold of any of our staff members! So, whether you're in the car and need to call us quickly, or you're in the office and need to send us a quick message, we've got you covered!

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