Everything you ever wanted to know about us.

A little Blue Eagle Credit Union history, our philosophy, vision, mission, core values, and other important stuff

Our Annual Meeting

Members Having Fun with Photo Booth

When you join Blue Eagle Credit Union, you become part of our credit union family. Once a year we get together for a fun family picnic - and you're invited! Come join in loads of activities for kids, lunch, scholarship award presentation, election of open Board of Directors seats, door prizes, and more!

Come see us at the Vinton War Memorial in Roanoke, VA on Sunday, September 9, 2018! Registration and lunch begin at high noon. You'll have plenty of time to eat, chat with friends, get in a game of cornhole, climb the rock wall, snap a creative photo in our photo booth....oh, there's just so much to do!

Members are entered for special door prizes too. Stick around to the end if you want to win!

Visit our Facebook page to see photos from past meetings.

Our History

"I would certainly recommend Blue Eagle. You feel like you're friends, like family." Testimonial by Gene Million

Did you know credit unions have been around since the mid-1800s? That's a long history of people helping people, which is the shared credit union philosophy. While Blue Eagle Credit Union hasn't been around quite that long, we have been serving the greater Roanoke and Lynchburg areas since 1948.

A group of USPS employees chartered our credit union to give Postal employees and their families a place do business with affordable rates, and with people they knew and trusted. For more than 60 years, we were a single-sponsor credit union, serving only the USPS employees and their families throughout southwest VA. 

In 2013, our credit union became a state chartered community credit union, and we changed our name from Roanoke Postal Employees' Federal Credit Union to Blue Eagle Credit Union.

Why Blue Eagle Credit Union you ask? The eagle displays strength and a sense of reaching new heights. Eagles have keen vision and soar like no other, even rising above storm clouds. The color blue depicts strength, loyalty, stability, and trust-worthiness. Both the eagle and the color blue provide a link to our USPS history and legacy. We won't forget where we came from as we journey to where we're going.

The road ahead is filled with new adventures, opportunity, and growth. If you're in our community, join us on the path to fun and success!

You Own The Credit Union

Hands Holding Globe

When you join Blue Eagle Credit Union you become an owner! We are a not-for-profit financial cooperative. Therefore, the first $5 you deposit in your account represents your share in the credit union.

What you do has an impact. Use it, don’t lose it! The more business you do with your credit union, the more success the cooperative you own is as well. Everyone benefits. Don't forget to bring your family and friends in too! They'll want a piece of this pie. We're financially strong and growing!

Have a voice. Again, it's YOUR credit union. You get a say in how it's run, what products and services we offer, and where we grow next. How? Simply share your thoughts with us. The more we know what is important to our members, the better we're able to serve you. Additionally, you may decide you'd like to volunteer on our Board of Directors. Yep, you read that right. Our Board of Directors is volunteer and made up of members, just like you, who want to make a difference!

So, get involved and make your voice heard!

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Hands of Many Working Together

Our Vision is ‘Enriching Your Life’.  We are committed to providing financial opportunities which lead to a richer life for every member. We believe that ensuring our members are in a better financial position also means our credit union will be around for many generations to come. Our success is your success.

Our Mission is ‘Delivering Solutions’.  We’re passionate about matching the right solution to meet more than your immediate need. Just as each member is unique, so is your financial need. We want to match you with solutions that present opportunity for long-term financial security for you and your family.

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Quality Service
  • Education

Thank you for the trust you place in Blue Eagle Credit Union.

It's Political

Patriotic Piggy Bank

We have to fight for what's important to us. Credit union friendly legislation doesn't just happen. It takes a village, and if you love Blue Eagle Credit Union we need you to play an active role in our political action from time to time.