Use your credit card on the fly!

Blue Eagle Credit Union offers competitive credit card rates with your convenience in mind.

A credit card offers an incredible amount of flexibility, convenience, and a nice safety net. You're good to go (anywhere) with your Blue Eagle Credit Union MasterCard! Whether you are going about a normal day, heading out on vacation, or sticking close to home with a staycation, our card gives you affordability, convenience, peace of mind, and it's the perfect traveling companion! Apply today.

  • LOW 9.79% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  • NO annual fees
  • NO COST travel insurance
  • Online access to your account information
  • Use MyCU online banking to check your balance or make a credit card payment
  • PRIVACY - we don’t sell your information
  • Cash advances at any participating financial institution
  • Assistance with card issues including lost or stolen cards - call 800.325.3678

Questions about EMV/Chip Cards? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Interested? Begin the process now!

Eagle Wearing Glasses and Holding Blue Eagle Credit Card in His Beak